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Week 26

Friday, 29.6.2001

New study: Economic consequences of EU enlargement slight
Small communities remain confident despite low birthrate
1,000 Finns live in Vyborg, some illegally
EU Commission now plans for European Food Authority to start life in Brussels
Finnish executive named to top human resources job in EADS
Sami Hyypiä joins a very select XI

Thursday, 28.6.2001

Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins, dies at 86
Strict restrictions on smoking in public places from Sunday
Tough sentences given in two drug trials
Number of Russian tourists rising sharply
Warm weather brings out swimmers - and blue-green algae
Nokia Networks cut back on staff: 1,000 jobs to go worldwide
EADS signs deal to become minority shareholder in state-owned Patria
Incorruptible - again!

Wednesday, 27.6.2001

Number of permits for seal hunting to be doubled
Outboard motors and lawnmowers do not get a clean bill of health
KTV stoppage closes down Helsinki sports facilities for the day
Shortage of rail wagons threatens timber imports
German economic woes threaten Finnish exports

Tuesday, 26.6.2001

Sampo's fight for Storebrand warms up - Den norske Bank plays hardball
Gallup poll puts Jäätteenmäki ahead of Aho in prime ministerial stakes
Helsinki public sector workers in protest against salary reform programme
Mixed alcohol and medications causing increasing problems among Helsinki youth
Niinistö feels pity for Gothenburg police
Finnish gasoline prices do not obey market levels

Monday, 25.6.2001

Former PM Holkeri: UN to fight AIDS on all fronts
Midsummer celebrations produce ten fatalities
60th Anniversary of outbreak of 1941-44 Continuation War
Wanted businessman Jussi Uoti arrested by Spanish police
Young Finnish architect trio win award for "World's Best New Building"
Finnish athletes taste success after long period in the cold...
...and Under-20s footballers crash out of World Cup after 2-1 defeat to Egypt

Week 25

Thursday, 21.6.2001

Finnish Medical Association recommends additional staff for heart patients
Income inequalities grew in 1999 for the fifth straight year
SITRA report: Finland needs humane values
DOs and DON'Ts for Midsummer/Juhannus
Finland wants EU to raise taxation on alcohol and tobacco products
Under-20s leave it late against Jamaica
Ski coach released; investigations expected to last several months

Wednesday, 20.6.2001

Lieutenant receives 14-month sentence in espionage case
Doctors' strike has prolonged wait for heart operations
Minister Sasi says costs of EU enlargement are being examined
Foreign securities appeal to Finnish investors
Lahti skiing coach arrested on suspicion of smuggling
Stanley Cup winner Nieminen returns home to hero's welcome

Tuesday, 19.6.2001

Finns reluctant to pay for EU enlargement
Social welfare and health care will need 70,000 new workers
Unwelcome elk visitor leaps through window
IMF urges Finland to continue tax reductions and curb spending
Elcoteq profit warning takes market by surprise
Study indicates reluctance among CEOs to hold stocks in their company

Monday, 18.6.2001

Deputy Chancellor accuses justice system of unnecessary complexity
Siimes re-elected unopposed to Left Alliance leadership
Poll shows slightly warmer response towards nuclear power
Halonen discussed NATO comments with Defence Chief Kaskeala
Airborne surveillance stepped up in Lapland over Russian forest fires
A record crowd, but no mayhem at Provinssirock
Finns leave Gothenburg disappointed in lack of progress on European Food Authority
FT: SanomaWSOY looking to acquire part of Dutch media giant
Finland's Under-20 team opens World Cup campaign with defeat

Week 24

Friday, 15.6.2001

Bank of Finland: Finnish economy will grow, but U.S. causes uncertainty
Court rejects Vuotos reservoir project
Police expose large hashish smuggling and distribution ring in Southern Finland
Farewell to winter ice: Kilpisjärvi Lake now open
Helsinki-Vantaa airport among the best in the world
Time to talk in the Tornio River salmon war
Jari Kurri bound for Hockey Hall of Fame
Results at Helsinki athletics GP dampened by rain

Thursday, 14.6.2001

Insurance company Pohjola acquires investment bank
Registration of gay pairs to be given 21 years age-limit
Halonen, government and opposition all score high in public approval ratings
Provinssirock takes command of summer rock festival stage
Forest company M-real issues profit warning
Nokia signs large network deal in Brazil
Hockey boss Harkimo exports the Helsinki Arena format

Wednesday, 13.6.2001

Nokia profit warning shocks markets and causes share to plummet
Foreign Ministry requests funding for wage hikes and additional staff
Sodankylä Film Festival: something old, something new, something 3-D
WWF Director-General demands government funding for Baltic Sea protection
Stand-off in fishing dispute on Tornio River
Triple jump world record holder Edwards in Helsinki for athletics GP

Tuesday, 12.6.2001

Breaking News: Nokia profit warning slices more than 20% off share price
Leap in support for Greens appears unfounded in latest poll
Accounting of Foreign Ministry inadequate
Deputy Ombudsman examines police handling of Russian deserter case
Tented village gone with the wind
Decision unlikely on European Food Authority at Gothenburg summit
Sonera President Relander announces surprise resignation
Lahti World Championships generate profit of nearly 20 million
Nearly all parties in baseball match-fixing scandal to appeal verdict

Monday, 11.6.2001

Stores throw away food worth at least one billion
Conservatives hope for more dialogue from new leader Ville Itälä
Swedish People's Party keep the same faces, but...
Bull mastiff mauls woman to death in Tampere
Samba rhythms bring a touch of warmth to a chilly Helsinki summer
Weak euro increases travel to Finland
Ville Nieminen becomes fifth Finnish Stanley Cup winner
Two Finns capture enduro world championships
Häkkinen finally makes the podium in Canadian GP

Week 23

Friday, 8.6.2001

Finnish Supreme Court rejects smoker’s compensation demand
Violent behaviour passed down from parents to children
Hotels fully booked in Helsinki region
Ex-President Ahtisaari: Finland must be willing to give crisis aid if it ever wants to get any
Successful companies distinguished by higher wages
Privatisation of Altia and two other companies to be restricted

Thursday, 7.6.2001

New Finnish Chief of Defence: possible NATO membership of Baltic States a stabilising factor
Commissioner Erkki Liikanen denies he is seeking SDP post
Study sees signs of slower growth in illegal drug use
Police believe Kerava killings have been solved
Disagreements within government parties on privatisation of state liquor company
Police investigate corporate espionage at Wärtsilä plant
Forssell to play in Under-20s World Championships after all

Wednesday, 6.6.2001

Three minors arrested after brutal killing spree near Helsinki
More foreign workers on Finnish construction sites and farms this summer
Major changes in serious crime patterns in recent years
Javier Solana applauds Finnish role in EU defence development
Germany to allow cooperation of UMTS licence holders - Sonera will save billions
Wapit files for bankruptcy

Tuesday, 5.6.2001

Twenty convicted of sports gambling fraud after baseball match-fixing scandal
Changing of the guard at Finland's Defence Forces
Bear alert at Joensuu airport
Victory in ballet competition goes to China
Lipponen in Lithuania: Finland cannot advise on NATO entry
Masa-Yards records huge losses
Microsoft still hopes for cooperation with Nokia
Institute predicts slowdown followed by rapid growth

Monday, 4.6.2001

Government agrees on defence spending
Up to one in ten children need psychiatric care
Fear of diseases hampering tourism business of farms
Big differences in Finnish students’ summer earnings
More Helsinki heroin addicts getting methadone maintenance treatment
Finland to sell euro coins at a discount
Sami Hyypiä: 2-2 draw will have suited England well
Mika Myllylä quits skiing and calls off appeal against two-year doping ban

Week 22

Friday, 1.6.2001

Armaments for land forces main issue in Government defence report
New law obliges railway to compensate passengers for losses caused by delays
Young Helsinki residents turn backs on electoral process
Raimo Sirkiä takes over at Savonlinna Opera Festival
Eagles fly in for Helsinki Arena gigs
Finland has begun to export electricity to Norway
Large bankruptcy in Estonia to cost Finnish banks millions
SATURDAY EVENING: Finland 2 Germany 2 (World Cup 2002 Qualifying Group Nine)

Weekly Articles

Week 26

Halonen at Kultaranta - an interview at the President's summer residence
Bush and Putin as pals
Åland dances to its own tune
Baltic Sea protection programme promises clearer waters in the Gulf of Finland
Kola Peninsula is world's largest garbage dump for military nuclear waste
Inflation posing a threat to the Finnish economy

Week 25

East, West... Selling Home is best. What makes someone betray their country?
The Baltic Rim and NATO
Need for foreign labour to grow in near future
Confirmation camp in Israel taught many kinds of love
Russian Mafia ships prostitutes to Helsinki
Helsinki is a small cornucopia
Small festivals rely on their local community
Is William Crossman reciting the last rites for text and books?
Who gets satisfaction out of putting a criminal to death?

Week 24

US Defense Secretary eager to see reductions in nuclear arsenals
It is the direction that is most important
Mothers' tears as Finnish teenagers leave for church confirmation camp in Israel
Two decades of baby swimming in Finland
In Eco-Viikki the houseplants are watered with rainwater
Russia plans to begin returning refugees to the hell of Grozny
Finland's best motor sports athlete leaps in Vantaa

Week 23

Yrjö Viitasaari, Lord of the Classified Information
Whose songs do you sing?
Centre for Torture Survivors helps heal deep wounds
St. Petersburg, major polluter of Gulf of Finland gets help for cleanup
Exceptional sailing in Russian waters
When zero tolerance starts to replace understanding
Telia strongly placed in the Nordic telecom game

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