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Week 44

Thursday, 31.10.2002

Myyrmanni shopping mall re-opens; no shortage of customers and plain sightseers
Libel charges to be brought against Finnish news magazine for rape claims
Number of malpractice cases varies widely between hospitals
Helsinki City Council lambasts Finnish government in city budget discussions
Former Danish PM asked Nordic colleagues for help in dispute with Russia
Israel annoyed with Finland over export ban
Minister Itälä criticises Swedish refugee policy

Wednesday, 30.10.2002

Prime Ministers of Nordic EU states critical of draft for EU constitution
One out of five Finns scared of flying abroad
Bridge repairs, Kamppi Center construction cause delays in Helsinki Metro schedules
Aki Kaurismäki receives first-ever Nordic Council Film Prize
OECD study: Finnish school system efficient
Finland Post to begin delivering mail early in the morning
Eleven Finnish companies to participate in fair in Iraq

Tuesday, 29.10.2002

Mention of common defence in draft EU constitution draws reactions from Finns
Dispute brewing over home visits of EU farming inspectors
Police make arrests in large smuggling case
Advertising planned for Helsinki trams and taxis; debate over revenue and aesthetics
Swedish Social Democrats anticipate a referendum next year on joining EMU
No layoffs in store at Ericsson Finland; subsidiary to receive added responsibility
Price of electricity may rise by one fifth by end of next year

Monday, 28.10.2002

Criminal law expert warns against tightening sentences
Prime Minister attempts to calm down heated incomes agreement debate
CD copying for private use: law permits, protection technologies prevent
Nordic Royalty to visit Helsinki on Tuesday
EU enlargement means Finnish farmers face cuts in subsidies
Finland, Russia, and Estonia work together to fight drugs trade
Sawmills have key role in maintaining employment in rural areas

Week 43

Friday, 25.10.2002

Finnish pensions come out on top in OECD comparison
Court lifts temporary ban on reporting on private life of celebrity model
Blacks and Arabs most frequent victims of racist violence
Ministry for Foreign Affairs urges travellers to stay alert throughout South-East Asia
UNDP administrator says helping the poor gives long-term insurance against terrorism
Doctoral thesis: Own employees pose greater risk than hackers
Norwegian book claims Kaisa Varis also had abnormal blood count in Lahti

Thursday, 24.10.2002

Split court acquits Maritime Administration executives of bribery charges
Prime Minister responds to Vanhala - says monetary policy has led to more job losses than incomes policy
Flares fired at Air Force Hawk trainers
Correction of clerical error deprives Helsinki of millions in state tax rebates
Seven injured in tram collision in Helsinki; accident disrupted rush hour traffic
Lipponen: Prodi's statements weaken credibility of EU
Police to investigate use of telephone records at Sonera

Wednesday, 23.10.2002

Finance Minister Niinistö calls Prodi's EMU statements stupid
Opposition Centre Party takes lead in latest opinion poll - overtakes Social Democrats
Bank of Finland Governor criticises collective bargaining system
Customs confiscates Viagra ordered over the internet
Erkki Tuomioja: agreement near on Kaliningrad dispute
Nordea life insurance companies fleeing from stock market
Stora Enso CEO Härmälä sees positive signals in paper market

Tuesday, 22.10.2002

Battle between Nokia and Microsoft heating up
Finns increasingly critical towards EU enlargement
Minister Biaudet wants to make purchase of sex services illegal
Winter comes to southern ski resorts
Lipponen meets Blair - no disagreement over Iraq
Corruption discussed during visit to Finland of Nicaraguan President
Gustav Hägglund: NATO's rapid deployment force would benefit the EU

Monday, 21.10.2002

Brain drain not a problem in Helsinki region
Health care funds insufficient to buy improved, expensive treatments for all patients
More Finns staying at work past retirement age
Wholesalers ask police to investigate legality of internet sales of beer and wine
Children's music ensemble to receive state grant normally allocated to symphony and chamber orchestras
Pori Jazz Festival suffers loss - fewer performers at next year's event
Finnish football championship goes to Helsinki's HJK

Week 42

Friday, 18.10.2002

Study reveals employment prospects of immigrants in Finland affected by nationality
Police requested to investigate deaths of fur animals
Police clear 17-year-old of involvement in Myyrmäki bombing
Artists demonstrate for more money from Parliament
Controversial sculptress Miina Äkkijyrkkä finally gets recognition
Danish Prime Minister visits Finland; Denmark strongly in favour of EU enlargement
Communications Regulatory Authority not satisfied with Sonera report on telephone records
Evli Bank acquires leading Baltic investment bank

Thursday, 17.10.2002

Parliament to ponder supervision of internet
Israeli connection of planned missile purchase leads to dispute within Government
Dry summer leads to water shortages
Surge in drug overdoses in Helsinki this week; deadly heroin substitute found on black market again
Telecom companies utilise telephone records in differing ways
Nokia earnings improve in third quarter; net sales expected to grow in 4Q
EURO 2004: Yugoslavia 2 Finland 0

Wednesday, 16.10.2002

Police hold 17-year-old message board enthusiast in Myyrmäki bombing case
Electronic identification can be added to mobile phones next spring
Interesting work, calm pace, and security attract foreign experts to Finland
Middle-aged down-and-out men most typical perpetrators - and victims - of homicides in Finland
Finland faces new wave of Slovakian asylum-seekers
BREAKING NEWS: YLE radio personnel stage strike to protest job cuts
Helsinki living allowance funds for 2002 running out
Nokia and other technology shares rise sharply on Tuesday
WEDNESDAY Yugoslavia 2 Finland 0: Nobody said life was fair, but...

Tuesday, 15.10.2002

Police detain youth in connection with shopping mall bombing - flags fly at half staff all over Finland
Uosukainen accuses National Coalition party leaders of betrayal during Presidential campaign
Customs: Full enforcement of new piracy import ban close to impossible
Finland would allow GM content of one percent in food
Elk collisions on the increase: police in Western Finland to show zero tolerance to speeding
Police remand man and woman in deadly car bombing case
Mail-order companies face difficult times; Hobby Hall announces job cuts

Monday, 14.10.2002

Shopping mall bomber described as a loner
Serious hospital infections continue to spread in Finland; situation better than in many other European countries
Helsingin Sanomat survey: politicians' power increased at cost of labour organisations
Lipponen would increase funding of Russian traffic projects
Communications Regulatory Authority asks Sonera to explain HS claims
Finland's footballers head for Belgrade
Kimi Räikkönen ends Formula One season with podium finish

Week 41

Friday, 11.10.2002

SATURDAY updated 12.00 and 16.30: Bomb confirmed as cause for shopping mall blast; death toll rises to seven in "act of terror"; suspect among victims
Incomes talks to start after employers agree to seek centralised agreement
Sixteen applicants interested in Bank of Finland Board seat
Cash-strapped Vantaa borrowing money, raising property taxes
New copyright legislation to ban all imports of pirate copies
Sonera security unit studies phone records to find corporate information leaks
Finnish experts not impressed by Sweden's planned EMU exchange rate
300 to lose jobs at Sanmina-SCI factory in Central Finland
SATURDAY - Finland 3 Azerbaijan 0: Three points, but not many marks for style

Thursday, 10.10.2002

Botulinum confirmed as cause of poisoning deaths of more than 50,000 fur animals
Two key trade union confederations demand an addition of 3.7 percent to wages
Helsinki City Council overwhelmingly approves construction of Vuosaari harbour
Jaakko Frösén gets EUR 20,000 prize for studies of ancient world
Portuguese President visits Finland; calls for relaxation of EMU budget requirement
Internet company set to compete with Alko on sales of wines and beer
Sampo Bank mutual fund arm grabs market leadership from Nordea

Wednesday, 9.10.2002

Purchasing power of Finns among weakest in EU
Chancellor of Justice: Government did not break law in Sonera UMTS process
Finnish railways cut back on plans for high-speed train service
Kamppi construction major hindrance to bus traffic in central Helsinki
Trucks containing dangerous chemicals halted at Swedish seaport
Costs of Sonera-Telia merger criticised in Sweden
Downhill skiing season opens at Ruka; Finnish ski-resorts optimistic after good spring conditions

Tuesday, 8.10.2002

Trade union confederation calls for wages hikes of 3.8 percent next year
New law to reward - not punish - those who surrender illegal weapons
Fur animals in Ostrobothnia killed by powerful toxin in feed
Espoo budget leaves municipal tax rate untouched for 2003
Kamppi construction site permitted to blast until 23.00
Russian newspaper says Putin used new tactics on Halonen on Kaliningrad issue
Retail giant to begin mailing coupons to loyal customers

Monday, 7.10.2002

Putin to Halonen: Kaliningrad must not turn into new Cold War Berlin
Tainted animal feed likely cause of death of 20,000 fur animals
Court bans magazines from publishing details of private life of celebrity model
Heavy snowfall took Southern Finland by surprise; nearly 20,000 households without electricity
Saraste chosen as Principal Guest Conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra
Man speaking of hand grenade removed from Finnair flight
Marcus Grönholm secures World Rally Championship in New Zealand
Half of Lahti skiing medallists had abnormal blood counts

Week 40

Friday, 4.10.2002

New rules to give teachers more rights to discipline pupils
Jukka Rusi reportedly gave documents to KGB as well
State agrees on 4.2 million euros for stadium repairs for IAAF World Championships
EU drugs agency reports illegal drug use fairly rare in Finland
Stock market experts puzzled by Sonera bonuses
Research institute: Unemployment likely to rise over winter
Funds reserved for neighbouring region cooperation suffice only for basic export projects

Thursday, 3.10.2002

Security police complain of interference in Stasi espionage case
Public health clinics burdened with need to write medical certificates
Helsinki prepares to join nationwide emergency response centre network
This year's Ars Fennica prize goes to Heli Rekula
Aatos Erkko tells youngsters good education starting point for employment
New EU Commission proposal would allow Finnish companies to keep two stock series
Sonera executives to receive hefty bonuses if Telia merger succeeds

Wednesday, 2.10.2002

Dozens of municipalities to raise taxes next year
Lipponen launches personal parliamentary election campaign
Foreign programmes account for quarter of television output in Finland
Some 41 million euros missing from cultural budget due to weak lottery revenues
Human smuggling ring led from Tallinn; seven suspects indicted in Estonia
Polar regions attract atmospheric mercury, scientists learn
Sonera institutional shareholders disappointed with Telia exchange offer

Tuesday, 1.10.2002

Helsinki to tighten municipal taxes considerably
Delay in planned incomes talks - employers not ready yet
Nail clippers allowed in carry-on bags once again
Kaurismäki boycotts New York Film Festival
Soile Isokoski CD goes one better - picks up Gramophone Editor's Choice Award for 2002
George Bush Sr. in Finland - meets former President Koivisto three times
Helsinki joins plummeting trend of European stock exchanges

Weekly Articles

Week 44

From Helsinki to Rhode Island, by way of the movies: the story of Soviet submarine K-77
Stability of the economy under threat
The Commission's new clothes
Total ban on smoking takes Seinäjoki hospital employees by surprise
Hundreds of companies test employees for drug use
Organised prostitution leagues amicably divide Finland into zones
Serendipity Part II: Nick Harper (guitar, vocal) at Semifinal

Week 43

Myyrmanni: Net detectives found the bomber by themselves
Nations and governments
Two Soviet WWII pilots exhumed from resting place of 60 years
Youth books: are there any taboos left?
Swedish, German, and Russian capital meets in Latvia
Who will stay, who will go?

Week 42

Elimination round to begin among shipbuilding companies
The power of official optimism
Et in Arcadia...
Baltic ringed seal population estimated at only 100 in south-west archipelago
Double shift in London for Jukka-Pekka Saraste
Finnish historian says Stalin agreed to end Winter War based on inaccurate intelligence
Iraqi officials give foreign journalists tour of alleged weapons' factory

Week 41

Where the Inner Ring Road meets the Vantaa River
Will the UN bend to the will of Washington?
Teaching kids about proper condom use
Second part of published diaries reveal details of President Kekkonen's private life
Finnish pilot flew illegal weapons in Western Africa
The amorous (and widely-aired) adventures of Ms Blab and Mr Whited-Sepulchre
Victims of prevailing circumstances never admit their own mistakes
Finnish retail chains dividing up Baltic markets

Week 40

Much remains to be studied at Qumran on Dead Sea
Tiptoeing toward NATO
Inequalities found in Finnish public health care: poor fall ill more frequently - rich have better access to surgery
Court decision on rape case sparks furious public debate
Elk-hunting season launched; record number of hunting permits granted
Journal entries indicate President Kekkonen considered resignation during Czech crisis of 1968
New Nordea head in Helsinki for the two hundredth time

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