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Week 44

Friday, 31.10.2003

Elisa employees to walk out Friday in protest of dismissal plans
Investigation: personal relationships key in getting Lipponen telephone data
Cities planning monetary incentives to attract new residents
President Halonen begins official visit to Brazil
Doctors used six times in connection with deportations this year
TeliaSonera wins round in Turkcell dispute
Helsinki Energy may be overcharging for electricity transfers

Thursday, 30.10.2003

Police suspected of illegal surveillance of Lipponen phones
Union of Salaried Employees calls for 15-minute general strike
Helsinki City Council shocked at massive city debt
Finland's Defence Minister: Decision on NATO membership should be made in spring
TV programme reveals: sedation of deportees no isolated incident
Finland returns to number one spot in global competitiveness survey
Merger of Novo Group and SysOpen cancelled after surprise bid from Sweden
TeliaSonera likely to retain representation on Turkcell Board; veto right lost

Wednesday, 29.10.2003

Telecom operator Elisa to shed about 900 jobs
FICORA: Sonera have two weeks to sort out problems with e-mail traffic
More fixed-term leases for rental apartments
Altar-piece to demonstrate Finnish influence in the moulding of Alaska
Supporters of deported family appealed to President for help
One in ten Finns now working in IT sector
Metals and electronics industries expect more job cuts next year

Tuesday, 28.10.2003

Ministries investigate drugging of deported family
Minister Karpela to present controversial bill on Prayer Day proclamation
Slippery roads and sidewalks bring crowds to Helsinki hospitals
Hospital workers demand more money for patient care
Sutela at Bank of Finland fears new period of uncertainty for Russia
Central Chamber of Commerce urges disclosure of party contributions from businesses
Dispute over Swedish at Nordic Investment Bank

Monday, 27.10.2003

Council of Europe anti-torture committee: Finnish officials forcibly drugged family for deportation
SDP group leader Backman reveals content of note to Centre Party
Employment situation of immigrants improving
New US security regulations raise concern in Finland and EU about air passenger privacy
Finnish Ministry of Labour considers opening recruitment agency in Tallinn
Finland proposes changes to agreed new model of ECB voting
Baltic states invited to become members of Nordic Investment Bank

Week 43

Friday, 24.10.2003

Finland has largest number of asylum-seekers who lodge applications in several countries
Environment Committee worried about Russian nuclear power plant in Sosnovyi Bor
Health centre tested upper secondary students for drugs in Ostrobothnia
Friday: Sonera e-mail traffic at a standstill from late morning
New offences added to list of charges facing MP Tony Halme
US Ambassador to change at year's end
Finnish corporations employ 22,000 Estonians
Finnish state to aid TeliaSonera with its difficulties in Turkey
Kalle Palander number two on FIS earnings list from last season

Thursday, 23.10.2003

Ex-President Ahtisaari: UN made serious mistakes in Iraq
MPs disgusted by poor circumstances in Finnish penal institutions
Centre for Finnish Business and Policy Studies recommends common EU defence and joining NATO
Croatian President in Finland: War crimes tribunal will receive full cooperation
Interest rates on Finnish government bonds finally fall to German level
Nokia Chairman Ollila fears Finland is stuck in a rut
HJK Helsinki retain League Championship as Haka stumble to defeat

Wednesday, 22.10.2003

Folk group Värttinä to co-score Lord of the Rings musical for London's West End
Tax-break-supported housework bought by 100,000 Finns
Customs confiscate large haul of pure alcohol near Helsinki
Former CEO says CIA responsible for bringing down Rauma-Repola Oceanics submarine technology firm
Book claims USSR sought to establish its own wood-importing monopoly in Finland
Bank of Finland concerned at plans for Nordea to become Swedish-controlled
Freezing weather unlikely to hamper closing rounds of football league

Tuesday, 21.10.2003

Retraining scheme for the long-term unemployed producing poor results
Finnish male suicides and alcohol-related deaths decline
State offices expected to confirm contracts with thousands of employees
Finnish west coast sees more snow as forecasters predict a cold week ahead
Axles on Helsinki metro trains undergo inspections
Time is running out for old markka and penni coins
Insurance group Pohjola lays off 150 employees

Monday, 20.10.2003

Survey: Finns very critical of United States
Academic unemployment increasing in Southern Finland
Bacteria resistant to all antibiotics spreading in Helsinki hospital
Metropolitan Area Council cuts down on next year's budget by four percent
French Commissioner: Military cooperation to begin soon; Finland fulfils criteria
Russia plans shipments of spent nuclear fuel to Gulf of Finland ports
Asia attracts Finnish IT companies

Week 42

Friday, 17.10.2003

Finland's fifth nuclear reactor will be added to Olkiluoto plant
Seventy years of prison to members of criminal organisation
Municipalities cut back on psychiatric treatment
Forty-somethings would benefit from losing weight
President Halonen: Finland's view on EU defence will most likely prevail
Nokia approaching target market share of 40 percent; Q3 earnings in line
ECB renounces plans to decrease Bank of Finland's capital base

Thursday, 16.10.2003

Threatening behaviour on flights has decreased clearly after 9/11
Navy wasted EUR 16 million on hovercraft
PM Vanhanen denies Finland is a trouble-maker in EU
Minister of Justice Koskinen rejects U.S. claims of trade in women
Russia to increase price of same-day visa service
Survey: Trade with Russia will increase in near future
Investments in technology crucial in keeping corporations in Finland

Wednesday, 15.10.2003

Finland contemplating additions to forces in Afghanistan
Police conclude criminal investigation of MP Tony Halme
Kamppi Center will be finished six months ahead of schedule
Mikko Heikka chosen to become first Bishop of Espoo
Baltic Circle Festival introduces theatre from six countries
PM Vanhanen: No certainty yet on open EU common defence core
Finnish farmers disappointed with results of agriculture talks
Voluntary pension insurance policies growing apace

Tuesday, 14.10.2003

Foreign Minister Tuomioja: No security guarantees for EU
Manninen started leaking information on eve of first election debate
Hundreds of long-term patients to be transferred in Helsinki
EU negotiation outcome: National subsidies to farmers in Southern Finland will be reduced
Swedish capital investor Nordic Capital to buy Hackman
TeliaSonera CEO: Time not ripe for corporate acquisitions
Municipal ice halls going up at a prolific rate

Monday, 13.10.2003

Record number of drivers test positive for drugs
Imported used cars now account for one in three registrations
Security technology makes car thieves change tactics
Several megamarkets to go up in Vantaa in coming years
Environmental hazard: deadly poisons found in Russian Karelia near Finnish border
President Halonen travelling extensively this week
Agriculture subsidies in Southern Finland to continue for next four years
Räikkönen loses Formula One world title by two points

Week 41

Friday, 10.10.2003

Manninen sent over 1,000 pages of material to Jäätteenmäki
Thousands of Finns have been misled into becoming entrepreneurs
Magnus Lindberg wins EUR 100,000 Wihuri Sibelius Prize
PM Vanhanen: Finland and Ireland share many views in EU talks
Study: Estonians less eager to work in Finland than previously thought
Extensive Mannerheim exhibition planned for Russia
Oil operations of Fortum to be listed already next spring

Thursday, 9.10.2003

Surgery queues could grow longer
Student representatives on Turku University board receive threatening letters
Helsinki region disagrees with government on supervised after-school activities
Helsinki City Council seals hike in public transport tariffs
Dylan and Bowie in town on successive nights
Over 20,000 vacancies disappear over past year
Former owner likely to buy back Flextronics plant; 160 jobs could be saved
Ikea to build plant in Russian Karelia

Wednesday, 8.10.2003

UN team led by Ahtisaari arrives in troubled Baghdad
SDP Parliamentary leader flashes note Jäätteenmäki claims was used to pressure her to quit PM post
Migration from Helsinki metropolitan area to surrounding communities on the increase
Small additional grant to Helsinki police does not solve problems
Finland once again tops incorruptibles table
TeliaSonera reshuffles top management as company could lose control of Turkcell
Higher energy prices make wind energy competitive

Tuesday, 7.10.2003

Travel to Estonia falls sharply; 15 percent decline reported in September
HS Gallup: Most Finns satisfied with number of elections
Mothers' average age of first delivery going up - baby weights down
Finland's Security Police to establish anti-terrorism unit
City of Espoo raises taxes, eats into savings, and takes additional loans
Former Chief of Defence biography: Soviet Union pressured Finland throughout 1970s
Nokia introduces new mobile game deck

Monday, 6.10.2003

Jäätteenmäki says SDP hounded her out of office
National Coalition Party challenges excessive power of Social Democrats
Immigrants ease Finnish doctor shortage
Reindeer breeders look to Southern Finland for help as producer-prices fall
Swedish court sentences three to prison in Wärtsilä bribery case
Share of downtown Helsinki in retail sales continues to fall
Grönholm out of championship contention after crash in San Remo Rally

Week 40

Friday, 3.10.2003

Prime Minister Vanhanen: Military alignment issue could be decided in Parlamentary elections
No ban on masks before Independence Day
Swedish-language schools want pupils to have knowledge of Swedish
Lipponen denies Finland is fomenting rebellion in EU
Baltic Herring Fair, 5.-11.10.
Prodi promises solution to Finnish agriculture subsidy dispute next week
Componenta to close foundry in Sweden; decision angers Swedish town
Nokia to hire 150 new employees in Salo

Thursday, 2.10.2003

Legislation planned to restrict wearing of masks in demonstrations
Study: no savings from municipal mergers
Weak US dollar means fewer Russian tourists in Helsinki
Finland's statement to UN General Assembly dwells on globalisation issues
TeliaSonera loses 30,000 customers in two months
Polar Real Estate sold to Germany
Finnish households reduce stock holdings

Wednesday, 1.10.2003

Parliament committee does not support referendum on EU Constitution
Häkämies assault case results in fines
Police investigation into suspicious Internet game
Women with breast implants have higher suicide rate than others
Elina - Som om jag inte fanns selected as Finnish candidate for Oscars
State Prosecutor suspects Wärtsilä of bribery
Consumer barometer: Consumers and businesses continue to trust in Finnish economy

Weekly Articles

Week 44

Mobile games - a future driving force of the Finnish economy?
A worthless option
Teetotallers: Finland's forgotten minority
Victims of crimes always need support
Asylum-seekers speak out in writing
Every snooper should have one: a mobile phone, that is
WMDs to become a permanent item on Security Council agenda

Week 43

Suomenlinna: Helsinki's most popular stone suburb
So close, yet so different
In Kari Cavén's workshop abandoned junk becomes art
Little Big Man and "the Big One"
A quiet talk with HMS Glasgow about NATO
Cursed Brussels, bashed Washington
A meeting held standing has an end in sight

Week 42

Nobel Peace Prize winner wants independent judiciary in Iran
Baby, it's cold outside
MP Mikko Immonen studied at a Communist Party school in Moscow
Helena sets sail for warmer southern waters
The muckraker and the embassy
Brave new professions
American oil companies want access to Murmansk oil terminal

Week 41

Yes, but why did I lose my job?
On the futility of delay
Consumption patterns reveal increasing inequality in society
Gunning for willow grouse in the fells of Finnish Lapland
Renovated Aleksanterinkatu is smart and smooth
Tax cuts lead to domino effect in Nordic booze tourism
Teemu Selänne is definitely up for it on the eve of the new NHL season

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