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Week 48

Friday, 28.11.2003

Finland rejects proposal for automatic EU security guarantees
Children's mental health services to receive more funds in next year's budget
Former Prime Minister Esko Aho named President of SITRA fund
Alpo Rusi to enter race for European Parliament after spying charges dropped
Ministry: Helsinki should not favour children in municipal dental care
Arja Puikkonen receives Finlandia Junior Prize for children's books
Official warning: computer viruses could threaten electricity supply

Thursday, 27.11.2003

Finns take guarded view of Italian call for EU security guarantees
Doctor shortage at public health clinics gets worse
Politicians concerned over impact of cheaper alcopops
Lipponen says NATO membership need not raise defence spending
Lifestyles of teens in Finland and Estonia very similar
Subsidies to shipping companies to increase substantially next year
OECD: Finnish economic growth below expectations in 2003; outlook good for 2004

Wednesday, 26.11.2003

Time limit planned for university studies
One-day strike to hit paper industry on Wednesday next week
Committee proposes ban on buying sex services by civil servants during official travel
New procedure proposed for simple criminal cases
Police investigate numerous cases of suspected telecom snooping
Italian competitor wants to buy Hackman

Tuesday, 25.11.2003

New Nokia unit could go abroad
Mauno Koivisto turns 80; former President criticises transfer of Central Bank appointments to Parliament
Prime Minister surprised by difficulties facing Finnish Lapland
Helsinki spending EUR 7.1 million to improve suburbs
More than 40,000 tickets sold for third Lord of the Rings film
Finland not yet sending refugees back to Somalia

Monday, 24.11.2003

City of Helsinki has plenty of unused property; tight finances leave facilities idle
Officials differ on issue of drugging deportees
Quarter of taxes paid by Helsinki taxpayers go to other parts of Finland
EU plans joint deportation flights for illegal immigrants
Weak dollar eroding earnings of export sector
Pirate software to be weeded out with rewards to whistle-blowers
Palander opens slalom world cup title defence with victory in Park City

Week 47

Friday, 21.11.2003

Foreign Minister Tuomioja, Archbishop Paarma condemn Istanbul blasts
Test shows personnel often weakest link in data security
Protest in Helsinki against planned ban on masks during demonstrations
Finland may have deported up to 50 Jewish prisoners of war to Nazi Germany
Orion joins group of companies paying out extra dividends before tax changes
Security risk at Sampo Internet bank
Former skiing head coach to be charged with smuggling and fraud

Thursday, 20.11.2003

Finns want more than one candidate in next Presidential election
Veteran politician Kalevi Sorsa avoids touching Finlandization in his memoirs
Non-original mobile phone battery explodes violently
Trade union federations to join protest action against job cuts
Government orders investigation into extradition of POWs to Germany during Continuation War
Research institute: Flow of service-sector jobs abroad only beginning
Large Finnish construction projects underway around Tallinn landmark Viru Hotel

Wednesday, 19.11.2003

Over 50 municipalities to raise tax rate next year
Key white-collar union to join STTK 15-minute protest strike
Wiesenthal Centre wants more information on Finnish wartime deportations
Juhani Lönnroth to be named to top position by European Commission
Home-cooked dinner ends official visit of Russian Prime Minister
Amer Group giving up tobacco business; company to concentrate on sporting goods

Tuesday, 18.11.2003

Support from Russia for early ban on single-hulled ships
Helsingin Sanomat cleared in multi-million euro libel case
Suspected bribery at Directorate of Immigration
One in five absences from work caused by psychological problems
Head of Russian polling organisation warns of danger of dictatorship
Law expert praises government tax reform, lashes out at critics

Monday, 17.11.2003

Huge truck queues accumulating at Vaalimaa border crossing
Poll: Labour market organisations have right amount of power
Electric workers propose protest strike
Head of Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee on NATO: More positive than negative
Revival of interest in Finnish language in Estonia
Russia rejects possibility of visa-free cruises
Loophole found in anti-doping legislation

Week 46

Friday, 14.11.2003

Prime Minister vehemently defends corporate tax decisions
Finnish Rail Administration threatens to close hundreds of kilometres of track
President to lose right to appoint members of the Board of the Bank of Finland
Harbour tug capsizes and sinks: one crew member missing, presumed drowned
European Court raps Finland for taxing foreign lottery winnings
Food industry suffering from tight competition between retailers
Small industrial firms believe in export growth

Thursday, 13.11.2003

Government agrees on corporate tax reform
Air traffic control students involved in two close calls
Three Austrians arrested, suspected of planning fur farm raid
City of Helsinki to take part in construction of new nuclear power plant
Silja Opera collides again in St. Petersburg harbour
Around ten mobile phone batteries have exploded in Finland
Hayley Wickenheiser leaves Finnish hockey due to minimal ice time

Wednesday, 12.11.2003

MRSA bacteria continue to spread in Helsinki hospitals
Finland to set up national vaccination register
Defence Minister Kääriäinen denies joint military exercises planned with Russia
Improvements in status of Finnish language in Sweden delayed
St. Petersburg wastewater treatment plant scheduled for completion in summer 2005
Pirate versions of Nokia N-Gage games appear on Internet
Ministry of Finance upgrades Finland's growth forecast

Tuesday, 11.11.2003

Prime Minister Vanhanen in Paris: EU coming to agreement on defence
Paperworkers' Union considers one-day strike
New calls to resurrect Vuotos reservoir project in Lapland
Camera busts cleared bus lanes in Helsinki
Refurbishment of west wing of Helsinki railway station complete
Ministry proposes replacing stock options in state-owned companies with shares
Low-cost airline Flying Finn accuses Finnair of dumping on shared routes

Monday, 10.11.2003

US war on terror imposes security measures on Finnish harbours
Trade union chief proposes new type of cooperation to employers
Underground parking facilities for 3,000 cars to be built in central Helsinki
Study: Mother's herpes raises leukemia risk for children
EU membership expected to bring down tuition fees for Finnish students at Estonia's universities
Minister Pekkarinen hopes to remove stock options from state-held companies
Finland moves to clear lead in Euro Hockey Tour after three wins in Helsinki

Week 45

Friday, 7.11.2003

Oxygen-rich salty water flows to bottom of Baltic Sea
Supreme Administrative Court upholds decision not to register Wiccans as religion
Three out of four Finns would increase development aid funding
Computer breakdown shuts down traffic lights in Töölö region of Helsinki
Minister of Finance: Corporate taxes must be cut significantly
Industry cautiously optimistic about future
Minister Wideroos backs down in dispute over Bank of Finland's capital base

Thursday, 6.11.2003

PM Vanhanen hopes corporations will show restraint in dividend decisions
Change of direction in tackling economic crime
Restaurant employees seen as major risk group for cancer
Insurance companies withdrawing from real estate investing
Finnish ships expect to be allowed to conduct visa-free cruises to St. Petersburg again
Proposed EU directive to mandate equal insurance premiums for men and women
Anonymous tip lines introduced in Finland in wake of Enron scandal

Wednesday, 5.11.2003

Economic slump eases regional discrepancies
Defence staff proposal: Voluntary territorial army would protect local targets
Study argues trees and forests are important for city dwellers' mental wellbeing
Drug stash found in Helsinki graveyard
Academy of Finland: Standard of Finnish science remains high, but pace slower than before
Finland to extend monitoring of maritime violations beyond territorial waters
Generous stock options attract top talent to Nokia
Komatsu buys Kone's forest machinery arm for EUR 120 million

Tuesday, 4.11.2003

More stock-option millionaires leave Nokia management
Finnish congregations concerned about fate of missionary money
Prison terms for EUR 10 bank heist
Russia rehabilitates Finns accused of espionage in 1940s
TeliaSonera pre-emptively shuts down Swedish Internet accounts sending out junk mail
Agricultural consultant: Some Finnish farms more profitable than farmers themselves think
Elisa personnel boycott talks with management

Monday, 3.11.2003

U.S. economic growth not yet boosting Finnish economy
New passports next year to contain electronic photograph
Sexual and gender issues high on agenda of Lutheran Synod
President Halonen praises Brazilian anti-poverty programme
New arrangements alleviating congestion at Russian border
Two dozen new shopping centres planned for Helsinki region
HJK Helsinki win league and cup double with disputed golden goal penalty

Weekly Articles

Week 48

Battery charger plant moves from Lapland to China
Refugee women plan to kill three birds with one stone
The people want a genuine Presidential election
Strange nimble crabs may have walked to Finland along sea bottom
Police Officer of the Year tries to prevent sex crimes
Humans are unfit for human consumption
Second part of Kalevi Sorsa memoirs gives inside view from top of political power in 1970s

Week 47

The Olympic Stadium: Built for an Olympics that didn't happen
First Finnish-bred sturgeon sold out in minutes
Finnish Professor heads for a chair in Cambridge
Exploring the Estonian coastline on foot
Most Finnish MPs want to avoid pro-NATO label
Nordic walking making great strides in Europe
Wartime refugees made pawns in cruel diplomatic game

Week 46

Seven myths about Finland
Ismo Tuominen: Our Man at the Ministry of Booze
Finland's war children: new documentary about a bitter legacy
Cold comfort in Russian Karelian homes this winter
From Vietnam to The Hague
Going cheap this week: human rights in Russia
It takes practice to survive in EU Brussels
Finnish media gets fairly high marks for Iraq War coverage

Week 45

Conductor in the City of Angels
Anyone for Mars? Finnish-made Mars rover needs ticket to the red planet
I have my temple at home
The first landlady and the loyalty card
Paasikivi biography: final part describes tough political balancing act as postwar President
More than just eight deportations to Nazi Germany
Endangered Karelian heritage village documented in Russian-Finnish volume
Finns Pekka and Toivonen main characters of new Norwegian joke book

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