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Ville Haapasalo wins Best Actor at Moscow International Film Festival

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Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo took the Best Actor award on Sunday at the Moscow International Film Festival, for his role in the Russian-made picture Kukushka (The Cuckoo). The movie also earned director Alexander Rogoshkin the Best Director prize.
The film is a wartime comedy set in Lapland in September 1944, a few days before Finland ended its involvement in the Second World War.
Haapasalo, who studied at film school in St. Petersburg, is in something of a strange position, since he is a major star in Russia, but largely unknown at home. His career to the east got a huge lift in 1995 with his involvement in a colossal Russian comedy hit called Peculiarities of the National Hunt, another Rogoshkin production. It has been seen on nationwide TV channels half a dozen times, and the video version was Russia's biggest-selling video title at that time.
The 24th Moscow International Film Festival was held from 21.-30.6, and attracted a number of Hollywood stars, including Jacqueline Bisset and Harvey Keitel. Keitel received a special lifetime award for achievements in acting and for loyalty to the Konstantin Stanislavsky system.

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